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Directions for Requesting Checkout of Community Outreach Displays

Choose a day or series of days to Request Checkout of one or more displays. Multiple displays can be requested for a given day or series of days. Community Outreach Displays are checked out for 24-hour time periods to allow for pickup and return. Community Outreach Displays that are available on any given day will be listed on that day on the Request Checkout calendar below.  


Click the “Request” button on the desired Display to request Checkout of that display on that day.  Be sure to scroll down the calendar to see all available Community Outreach Displays. The calendar will indicate if a Community Outreach Display is not available on a particular day.


After clicking on the “Request” button for a Display, fill out the contact information that pops up on your screen.


A Waukesha County Green Team representative will contact you regarding your request.


Questions? Contact us at

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