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Community Programs

Waukesha County Green Team can connect you with presenters for the following topics.   Email the contact provided under each section header to learn more specifics about availability, presenters, and cost that may be associated with the program you are interested in.

Programs for Youth and Adults

People in Garden

Permaculture and Gardening Programs



  • Beginning Backyard Chickens

  • Beginning Beekeeping

  • Incorporating Permaculture Concepts into Your Property and Lifestyle

  • Starting and Managing a Community Garden

  • Seed Starting for Your Garden

  • Composting

  • Composting with Worms

  • Growing Organic in Your Garden

  • Organic Lawn Care

People in Garden

Environmental Ecology Programs



  • Caring for Creation – A Faith Based Understanding of Environmental Ecology

  • The Natural Step: A Foundation for Community Sustainability


Sustainable Practices

Contact MaryBeth Sullivan at Waukesha County Recycling


  • Do It Yourself Cleaning Products

  • Recycling - The 3 R’s: Not Just for Elementary School Anymore!


Learning Tours



  • Community Garden Tour

  • Permaculture Concepts and Design Tour

People Discussing

Discussion Groups



  • Changing Habits for a Greener Community in Waukesha County: A Four Week Facilitated Group Discussion using the Natural Step [TNS] Framework as a foundation. The discussion covers water, food, energy, waste, transportation, and land use as related to Waukesha County.

Woman reading to kids

Programs for Children



  • The Secrets of Seeds: Hiding inside each and every seed is an entire tiny plant.  Find out how to make a seed germinate, explore seed variety, play a matching game, create your own wearable art with seeds, sow a plant to raise at home, and end with a nutritious snack.

  • How Plant Parts Become Part of Us: Discover the teamwork happening with a “Three Sisters Garden,” make the connection between plants and nutrition with a matching game, and learn the life cycle of plants through puzzles.  Participants are invited to taste plant parts. Each will go home with a container of sprouts. 

  • Living Soil: Let’s Dig In: Discover the benefits of composting, how to do it, and design a cool compost container.  Students will have the opportunity to get up close to the world of living soil.  Micro- & macro-organisms will be viewed and those who choose, can interact with composting worms. A tasty snack will wrap up the session.

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