Whatever You are not Changing, you are Choosing. ~Laurie Buchanan


What change do YOU want to make? The Waukesha County Green Team is dedicated to changing the world around us to protect our environment for now and for future generations.


We ask that you raise your voice with us and chip in, and the great news is…


Every voice we add extends our impact!



To advance environmental sustainability within Waukesha County, the Waukesha County Green Team:


• Encourages collaboration                                          • Raises awareness

• Engages the community                                            • Provides education

• Promotes connections                                                • Promotes favorable policies



We cannot be passive in communicating sustainable practices to reach our families, communities, businesses and municipalities.

We know that sustainability is not an issue of old vs. young, left vs. right, rich vs. poor. It is an issue of all of us working together-- protecting our homes, our health, our families, our businesses, and our communities.


Please add your voice and chip in to advance a sustainable future!

Your tax-deductible donation is used to serve the Waukesha County community by funding sustainability efforts initiated by the Waukesha County Green Team.


To find out more about donating, sponsoring an event or “In Kind” donations contact us at


The Waukesha County Green Team is a volunteer based community powered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.