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Do You Want a More Sustainable Community?

WCGT Municipal Guide

The Municipal Guide to Sustainable Planning is a roadmap tool to assist communities with incorporating actionable elements of sustainability into their strategic plans. The goal of the Guide is to help communities measurably move forward with sustainability that is economically feasible and community beneficial.

Sustainability Topics

Local Shop


Man Holding Pipe

Municipal Water Management

Garbage Truck

Waste Management

Architecture Model Sketching

Land Use Development
and Zoning

Incorporating building efficiencies for energy cost savings.

Responsible use and recycling of potable, septic, and sewer water.

Waste stream management and reduction techniques.

City planning for sustainable future growth.

Bike Path

Roads and Transportation

People in Park

Natural Resource Conservation and Green Space Management

Multi-modes of commuting, safe crossings, and alternative transportation. 

Environmental management and conservation for the benefit of the greater community.

Colleagues Working Together

Community Wellbeing, Development and Education

Community engagement and introducing opportunities for education.


to get started?

Contact us to start sustainable initiatives in your own municipality


Help form a community group to address sustainability in your community

Ask us how we can help.


Tell us how you want our help to make your municipality more sustainable.

Partnered with:


The Waukesha County Green team received a grant from the Mosaic Momentum Initiative. This grant was awarded through the Mosaic environmental movement infrastructure grant slate, which is supporting 21 projects involving 91 organizations across 27 states working on clean air and water, a safe climate, and healthy and just communities.

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