Municipal Sustainability Roadmap

The WCGT is building a roadmap for local municipalities to assist them with incorporating actionable elements of sustainability into their strategic plans. The goal is to help communities measurably move forward with sustainability that is economically feasible and community beneficial.



The Waukesha County Green Team is proud to announce receipt of a grant from Mosaic that assists municipalities and community groups with advancing sustainability and economically viable clean energy at the community level.  
The grant will allow WCGT to build a Municipal Sustainability Roadmap  to assist local municipalities with incorporating actionable elements of sustainability into their strategic plans. 


Welcome Courtney Long, Waukesha County Green Team Project Coordinator!

Courtney is excited to be a part of the Waukesha County Green Team. She was first introduced to the WCGT through the 2017 Sustainability Fair where she participated as a fair exhibitor and then in 2019, she joined the Sustainability Fair planning committee. Now, we are delighted to welcome Courtney now as our Project Coordinator.

Courtney graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and brings over six years of professional experience to the organization. Her experience and skillset embody a variety of areas including; event planning, coordination and management, project marketing & branding, and education & outreach. She has a passion for helping and educating others, advocating for environmental awareness, and finding simple but impactful ways people can implement sustainable living into their everyday lives.

When not immersed in a project, Courtney is busy being mom to her son. They enjoy spending time outside, going for walks and bike rides, playing at the local parks, swimming, watching movies, reading books, and playing with trucks and all things loud and fascinating. They reside in Pewaukee. 


Mosaic Momentum Initiative

The grant was awarded through the Mosaic environmental movement infrastructure grant slate, which is supporting 21 projects involving 91 organizations across 27 states working on clean air and water, a safe climate, and healthy and just communities.