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Municipal Water and Stormwater Management

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As populations increase and the demand for water in all applications (residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural) rises, the long-term availability of clean water will become a significant concern. Implementing a Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP) and water conservation strategies can assist a municipality with managing the operational costs associated with ongoing development and adapt to new regulations. Implementing water management best practices into municipal strategic plans will help to ensure water conservation, quality, access, and equity for a thriving and sustainable community for generations to come. 

Best Practices and Cost Benefit Information

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The Waukesha County Green team received a grant from the Mosaic Momentum Initiative. This grant was awarded through the Mosaic environmental movement infrastructure grant slate, which is supporting 21 projects involving 91 organizations across 27 states working on clean air and water, a safe climate, and healthy and just communities.

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