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Elm Grove Green Team

Mission: To advance environmental sustainability in the Elm Grove community.

Elm Grove Sign

Elm Grove Green Team

This is a group for Elm Grove residents who want to help our village become more sustainable! We meet regularly in the village and hope to gain more support and awareness. Feel free to invite any interested villagers to join!!

Elm Grove Green Team News

Join us for our Earth and Arbor Day event on April 27! Drop off your Recyclables and then head over to the Earth Care Fair.


ISTF (Invasive Species Task Force)

Would you like to make new friends or partake in community improvement?  Then you don't want to miss the weekly Invasive Species Task Force!  The group meets for just one hour per week--Sundays at 11am.  Please join in when you can--just send your email address to be added to the group notification that goes out letting everyone know where we will be meeting and what we will be working on.  

Check out our Elm Grove Green Team Facebook Group

Looking for more info?

Email Deb at


Earth Care Fair
Recycle Day in the Grove
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