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Walking Through Lent Resources

Updated: Mar 22

Two bibles, journal, glasses

3/24, Palm Sunday: Mark 14:1-15:47

We invite you to…

  • Read: Mark 14:1-15:47 and pray or journal: what word or phrase speaks to your emotion or intellect?

  • Read: the provided reflection (below) and pray or journal: what speaks to your emotion or intellect and what might you do?

  • Share: We’d love to hear your thoughts on March 25 during our zoom discussion 7-8:30 or comment on the blog post below.

She has done a good thing for me… She has done what she could

This unnamed woman, in abundant love, was supremely generous to Jesus, nevermind the cost, nevermind infuriating others. Can the same be said of me? How far am I willing to go, how much am I willing to do in response to the Holy Spirit’s call? Sometimes it just feels… flat: I’ve prayerfully made little sacrifices, small changes in my daily habits, but how does that result in much of anything at all?

Our faith tells us no matter how small my action, God magnifies every good thing and wastes nothing. “Personal climate action looks a lot like ripples expanding out from a pebble dropped in a pond.” The climate crisis we’re in now is not only going to be fixed with individual actions. But we aren’t only individuals. We’re part of communities, organizations, and systems. We can talk to others and listen to their views. We can advocate for change and watch the ripples expand.

I invite you to think of three people in your sphere of influence, share with them the importance of protecting our planet for the people we love, and implore them to exert their influence to make a bigger impact. Check out these tips for spreading the word! Blessings, Kate

________________________________________ March 17 Reflection

We’d love to hear from you! You can share your own Lent reflections with us on March 25 during our zoom discussion 7-8:30pm, or as a comment below.



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