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Blog Post: Gift, Gratitude, and Joy!

Welcome to the first edition of the WCCCN blog. We decided to try this out to connect and encourage you in addition to the in person and zoom offerenings we’re planning. Let us know if you find the blog helpful or have any topic suggestions!

~Blessings, WCCCN founders, Joanna, Deb, and Kate

I love my faith community: there’s so much happening all the time and so many faithful people. But sometimes I feel lonely wondering why I seem to be the only person who even cares about creation. I look around and see disposable water bottles for the latest event or lights on in empty rooms and get discouraged. But we were never meant to go it alone. After all, 12 men and several women joined Jesus, and the Trinity itself is a community of persons. But how does a person find others to encourage them along the way? One way is to offer Gift, Gratitude and Joy. This program has prayer and discussion to help small groups form connection and grow in their spirituality of caring for creation. It also has a practical element to help individuals make changes in their lives. I helped create Gift, Gratitude and Joy and I have facilitated it as well, and all along the way I have found encouragement and connection with others, and I have learned so much. I pray this program may do the same for you.

~ Blessings, Kate

Interested in offering Gift, Gratitude, and Joy for your faith community? Check out this video from our March 15 facilitator training and get tips and tools for planning and executing the program. We'll show you exactly how a session works by walking you step by step through Session 1 from the facilitator’s perspective.

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