The Natural Step [TNS]

Natural Step Discussion Groups 
About The Natural Step [TNS]
 The Natural Step is a framework for sustainable practices used by countries, communities and businesses in developing policies and practices towards sustainability. The framework creates a unifying view of the activities necessary to achieve sustainability. It converts theory to practice using logical, practical criteria for consistent decision making. It helps organizations act strategically to achieve goals throughout the organization.
Well over a dozen communities in Wisconsin have adopted The Natural Step as their model including the cities of Ashland, Bayfield, Madison, Manitowoc, Marshfield, Johnsons Creek, Neenah, and Washburn; as well as La Crosse and Douglas Counties. 


About TNS Discussion Groups
Each Green Team "The Natural Step" [TNS] discussion circle runs for 4 weeks. Participants will discuss issues of sustainability that include the TNS framework, water, food, waste,  transportation, land use, renewable energy and working with government to effect change.  Participants will use materials focused on Waukesha County along with material from the book "The Natural Step for Communities". Discussion format is similar to Northwest Earth Institute programs. 

To download the Waukesha County Green Team Sustainability Study Guide (click here)